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The Art of Packing Light: A Primer

Many moons ago, when I was still in University, I found myself struggling with a very heavy and stuffed gym bag along with an almost equally heavy and stuffed backpack to a 5-day retreat. While I was pretty low maintenance then (even more than I am now), I was also a worrier who had to […]

Hoodoo Trail Drumheller

Video: Drumheller and the Badlands

Drumheller, one of our first stops in our quest to explore Canada, marks many firsts for us at Northern Identity. Now, after agonizing over whether we were ready to try our hands at creating a travel video, we’re happy (and anxious) to say that it’s finally done. After putting it off for so long, here’s […]

Drumheller and the Canadian Badlands

Road Trip Through The Canadian Badlands

Driving through eastern Alberta has an almost monotonous, hypnotizing pattern to it–with flat planes of gold, orange and evergreen which seems to go on and on…and on. The Canadian Badlands, found at the southeast corner of Alberta is a welcomed surprise that breaks that monotony. The acres among acres of farms, pastures and hay fields […]